Forza4Energy4All is a 3-day sporting challenge in the Italian Alpes. We climb three mighty mountains, GAVIA, MORTIROLO & STELVIO by bike, running and / or hiking. Our participants give all their energy for children with a mitochondrial disease, also called energy metabolism disorder. Forza4Energy4All is an event organized by the Dutch Energy4All Foundation.

Sponsor our great participants (and/or teams) for their Forza4Energy4All challenge.
With your donation you support the important drug research to find a cure for mitochondrial disease.


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Mitochondrial Disease

Imagine you having no energy ... that you can not go to school every day, often can not play along with friends, not be able to exercise, swallowing gets difficult, you always have muscle pain, after 100 meters of walking are exhausted and simply talking and eating is already very tiring. In the Netherlands alone 2-3 children are born with a mitochondrial disease every week. It is a merciless disease. Only 50% reach the age of 10 years and 70% do not grow up to be 18 years. There is no medicine yet and the Energy4All Foundation is committed to stop this disease.

"The mission of the Energy4All Foundation is to acquire as many financial resources as possible to accelerate and promote research into the effective treatment of mitohondrial disease."

What is a mitochondrial disease?

In simple terms, patients have a defect battery: it charge very slowly, is at most half full, quickly empty again and damages the body with its waste products.
What goes wrong? Everything runs on energy in the body and the mitochondria are our power plants. They make energy out of our food to recharge and are a very important part of our metabolism. This energy ensures that organs function, for example they allow the muscles to move well. Due to an error in the DNA, the mitochondria do not work as they should, resulting in an energy crisis that causes many problems.

The most important symptoms presented to patients are extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and exercise intolerance. For example, these patients are totally exhausted after about 100 meters walking, as if they have climbed the Stelvio. If the brains and heart muscles are affected, this leads to mental illness, epilepsy, thickening of the heart muscle and cardiac arrhythmia. This is just a small selection from the various symptoms. The disease is progressive and patients keep getting sicker.

The Energy4All Foundation

The Dutch Energy4All Foundation has structurally supported the research of Professor Dr. Jan Smeitink since 2006. He is the world leader in the drug research for mitochondrial disease. Since 2012 this research is done by the company Khondrion based in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), with Smeitink as the founder and CEO, so that the full focus is on the drug research. The research team has made great steps in the development of a potential drug. A poptential drug has been found that showed good results in the laboratory. In the meantime the potential medicine has already been tested on adult patients with the disease. The results give hope. But we are not there yet. Research and development costs a lot of money. To finance the upcoming tests of the drug on children with the disease a lot of money is needed.

"Without the efforts of the Energy4All Foundation, the research team never came where it is today," says Professor Smeitink. "Through donations from the foundation, we were able to purchase necessary laboratory equipment, attract experts for the actual execution of the research and purchase raw materials to make the medicine for the tests. Stichting Energy4All is like the cement between the important stones so we could continue building towards the cure."

The Energy4All Foundation was founded on 3 April 2006 by Eric Oomen. Because the pharmaceutical industry did not support the drug research and mitochondrial diseases were still unknown, he decided to start the foundation. This to support good friend Professor Dr. Jan Smeitink in his life mission to develop the drug. The Energy4All Foundation has supported the drug research all those years with a total of more than 4 million euros in donations and we continue to support until the drug is available for the patients. The Energy4All Foundation is a small-scale foundation with only 1 paid employee and many volunteers who use their energy towards a cure.

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Together we stand strong in finding a cure

Together we stop mitochondrial disease! Sponsor our great participants (and/or teams) for their Forza4Energy4All challenge.
With your donation you support the important drug research that gives hope to many patients with mitochondrial disease.

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